With Christmas fast-approaching, you probably have a lot on your mind as a business, in terms of getting work wrapped up, and possibly even thinking about the office party that might be being planned.

But what about 2018?

Have you thought about your online marketing and digital marketing plans for next year yet?

We are currently working with our existing clients to ensure that they hit the ground running in the New Year. Things to consider can be the following aspects which can sometimes be forgotten about.

Updating Online Marketing Materials with 2018

We work with clients who run Google Adwords campaigns, some of which contain advertising copy referring to the year 2017. For example, an ad headline might be something like:

“Book Your 2017 Appointment with us Now”

Obviously don’t forget to update your Google Adwords campaigns if they are using the 2017 year in any of the ad copy… same goes for any promotions or offers you might have on your website – we see this mistake so often!

SEO Plans for New Customers

The new year will often be the time when customers are thinking about signing up to a new service or buying a new product.

How well placed is your website right now for those potential new customers to find you?

Our SEO strategies help businesses get higher visibility in the search engines, including Google, meaning you get that new customer, rather than your competition.

We are currently offering free SEO consultations for local businesses in Southampton, Hampshire, and the New Forest, so if you would like to organise a free strategy call or meeting then do get in touch.

Just a few pointers here, but hopefully you already have some plans in place for 2018!