Google AdWords can be a complex beast. It’s an advertising platform that needs to be constantly optimised, refined, and managed – if you don’t, it’s very easy to burn through cash with an ROI that might be very slim, or in worst case entirely negative.

But the beauty of the system is that the control you can have due to the reporting, means with just some simple tweaks and optimisation, you can turn a bad-performing AdWords campaign into a profitable one.

Over the last month, that’s exactly what we have done for one our clients in the financial services industry, where we have managed to reduce the cost per acquisition via Adwords from £67.35 to £37.38. In the industry they are in, it’s not unheard of for companies to pay in excess of £100 per lead.

Below you can see a snapshot of their previous campaign (greyed out) versus the newly optimised one we have created for them.

adwords data

Conversion rates are up, and cost per lead is down!

As you can see, we’ve even improved the conversion rates on their ads and website from 17.75% to 35.92%.

As a result, they are getting cheaper leads, better converting customers, and can now afford to invest even more into Google AdWords, as they know it’s going to be profitable for them.

How did we do it?

Well, we can’t give all of our secrets away, but essentially it’s better optimised ad copy, targeting, landing pages, and bidding strategies.

If you would like to experience similar results, or just want us to take a look at your existing AdWords set-up on a free and no-obligation basis, please do get in touch.