As part of a regular new series, we will be interviewing SEO and PPC consultants around the UK, getting the latest opinion on trends and tips. Our first interview is with Neil Turner from Bromsgrove Web Marketing. We hope you enjoy this insight!

Hi Neil, could you tell us a little more about how you got into this career in digital marketing?

I worked on a Digital Strategy for a manufacturing company in Droitwich in the mid 1990’s and then this led to me working on their first web development. This led to me setting up an internet company and then, in 2008 I became the director of a local E-Commerce company.

I also worked as Marketing Manager for an IT company from 2004 until 2008. During this time I developed their Adwords Strategy and Google Shopping campaigns (they were called Froogle campaigns back then!).

My knowledge in Google Adwords led me becoming Google Adwords certified. I have since been working with clients in Bromsgrove, Birmingham and the West Midlands to help them make the most of their PPC campaigns.

What type of clients does your digital agency tend to work with?

Most of our clients have between 3 and 100 employees. They tend to be keen to grow their client base but are not sure how to use the internet to do this

Is there a typical challenge that prospective clients tend to approach your agency with?

Most clients have come to us through recommendations or through our “clinic” days that we hold. They tend to be getting poor returns from Adwords, Facebook advertising or Google Shopping, and need guidance on how to get better returns. Most feel that they do not understand Pay-Per-Click marketing and are worried they are throwing money away.

How do you see Internet advertising, including Google Adwords strategies, changing over the next 12 months into 2018?

I see Google Shopping continuing to grow. I think clients will see this as a way to counter the threat from Amazon. Shoppers are starting to notice that there can be much better deals on Google Shopping than on Amazon.

Do you have any tips for Google Adwords or SEO that small businesses can adopt themselves?

Negative keywords can be a really quick way to get a better return on investment with Adwords. Make sure that the landing page from an advert is both quick and highly relevant.

And finally, what are you plans in terms of growing your own consultancy and agency over the next 12 months?

We are looking to form partnerships with a couple of web development agencies over the next few months as some of our work requires specialist web development skills, which we do not have. As Google Shopping becomes more important, we think much of our growth will come from companies looking to make the most from this platform.