As an agency, our main focus is always on our clients and their own digital marketing objectives. A by product of this is that very often we tend to neglect our own website, a prime example being our recent blog post where we encouraged business owners to switch to SSL and HTTPS.

Well this week we finally got around to doing it for our own website, with HTTPS now fully installed and operational as you can see with the little padlock icon shown in this address bar for

https padlock

Obviously we want to practice what we preach, and in the past have explained that you could see some SEO improvements by virtue of being hosted on a secure server.

We will continue to monitor this on our own website to see if there’s anything worth reporting back on, but meanwhile, since we’ve just made the switch, here are 5 tips that you should do too when making the switch to SSL!

  1. Make sure that all your website images also use the https path otherwise you might get insecure warnings popping up whilst browsing the website.
  2. Make sure that you update any internal links in pages and blog posts to point to the new https versions.
  3. Make sure that you place 301 re-directs in place so that if old pages with just the http are clicked, they re-direct to the https version instead. We did this in our .htacess file.
  4. Make sure you also update any social profiles you have. So for example, update your website address in places such as Twitter, and Facebook.
  5. Make sure you also update your Google properties. So for us that included Google Analytics, Google for Business, Google AdWords, and Google Webmaster Tools.